Thursday, January 11, 2007

Literary Aspirations

I have a separate blog I use for my cultural stuff, music and writing, etc., and I think I'm going to have to change that. I think I may have to unify these things and put them all in one blog. The reason I think that is because I have an idea, tonight, which really belongs in both blogs.

The idea is this. An idea for a character in a book or a movie. This character is a philanthropist, concerned very deeply and very sincerely with halting the spread of disease. And yet, despite his philanthropy, he is, at heart, evil. And it comes out over the course of the story that he made his money by using ruthless and even illegal business practices to ensure that nearly every computer on the planet came pre-installed with software that was so bad it made life worse for anyone who used it. And of course the reason the story holds together so neatly is that his desire to rid the world of disease is really just a reflection of his subconscious awareness that by forcing people to install terrible software on every computer they sold, he was doing something very similar to spreading a terrible disease.

I think that might make an interesting story. It would be very interesting to create a character like that, show him to be indisputably and thoroughly evil, yet in the end inspire not just hatred, but also pity. I'd like to do that. Pity it's already been done.

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