Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Transformers Clips Found On YouTube

So I'm pretty stoked for the upcoming Transformers movie, even though I'm mad at the liberties taken with the franchise. But what can I say. I love Transformers. I have a Decepticon logo tattooed on my left arm.

Transformer based on original Optimus Prime design
The disco Transformer we all know and love
Transformer discovered in old junkyard
Misogynistic but funny Japanese Xerox Transformer
Giant Nike shoe Transformer from Japan
Main trailer for the movie
Teaser trailer for the movie
VW New Beetle Transformer
Actual Working Prototype Transformer From Robot Expo

The most interesting thing there of course is the working prototype. I wasn't expecting to find that. But there are two caveats.

First, I don't actually know it's a working prototype. It just appears to be.

Second, it's tiny. The real challenge in building working Transformers is a materials challenge. Although it's pretty obvious that in the next few decades we will easily have computers which are cheap, tiny, and abundant enough to accomodate the type of complex simultaneous automated mechanical activity that Transformer designs require, it is a lot easier to build a Transformer six inches tall than a Transformer sixty feet tall. The reason is that smaller designs require orders of magnitude less structural support. It's the same reason those 50s movies with giant nuclear-mutated spiders were ridiculous; the structure of a spider is very much matched to the scale of a spider. In real life, a spider the size of a house would collapse under its own weight.

Similarly, although it is very exciting to see an actual working prototype of a Transformer, don't expect to see Optimus Prime anywhere other than a movie screen or a video iPod (or this blog) for quite some time yet.

Anyway. More videos:

Cheeseball ad for the original 80s movie
Screen test with Transformer based on original Sideswipe?
Movie hype from MTV
Cheeseball intro from original series
Original series' second-gen intro (my fav)
Actual episode (total cheese)
Classic breakdancing Soundwave from a few years ago

OK, actual programming content coming soon. Although there is a kickass episode of the 80s series out there which revolves around the Combaticons (Decepticons based on military machines) taking over the Middle East to turn oil into energon cubes. And I do love these pictures.

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