Monday, April 16, 2007

Another Tiny Seaside Screencast

This one's on how to kill the logo in Damien Cassou's Web dev image, and a little miscellaneous stuff about getting started.

Target audience: people getting started with Squeak. All this actually does is give you a quick overview and show you how to remove the little logo Damien's image comes preloaded with. (I'm hoping/planning to do something a little more in-depth and useful soonish, but for now that's entirely vaporware.)

If you're looking for something to get you interested in developing with Seaside, check out these screencasts - one long, one short. For an example of actually building something, check out this one (15 minutes). If you're looking for more stuff about how to get started, total basics, check this one out.


  1. Keep the screencasts coming.

    Even when you are just playing around you show some good stuff (and painful stuff) about the Squeak UI.

    You should always be able to do everything on a Mac with just one button. I'm on Win with 3, but the original core developers were all running Macs and a significant number of the leaders still are.

    For more on 3 button to 1 button (or 2 button) mappings:

    which is the FAQ on Mouse Buttons.

    This means that you could have deleted the logo by cmd-click on the logo then click the X halo (remove from screen). But that would have been much shorter and wouldn't have revealed the menu bar.

  2. Dude, loving the screencasts, you're quite funny. Dave's right though, you didn't need to jump through that many hoops, you can cmd-click on any morph and get the halos (that's what all those icons are called), it just happens that the world (the background) is also a morph. Had you tried that on the logo, it'd have done the same thing.

    Try it on the browser as well, you'll find you can pull up halos on any widget or sub-widget anywhere in the UI. You can literally take apart your code browser piece by piece.

    Really, its fascinating seeing someone else have to figure out Squeak, too many of us don't document out pain and forget what hurt when we first started squeaking.

    You screencast also raises some questions for me, do you know about the basic hotkeys, I mean no one really uses the accept it menu.

    cmd+d to do it
    cmd+i to inspect it
    cmd+p to print it
    cmd+b to browser it

    highlight a method anywhere in any code and

    cmd+n to see all callers,
    cmd+m to see all implementors,

    highlight a class name anywhere

    cmd+N to see all callers

    I really like that one since class names are uppercase so just uppercase the caller hotkey.

    if the world is the active selection..

    cmd+k for a workspace
    cmd+t for a transcript

    If keybinder installed, comes with Damien's image

    cmd+w to tab through open windows

    cmd+x/c/v for cut/copy/paste

    hmm... that's all I can think of at the moment, Squeak is a very Mac'ish system.

    Oh, and thanks for giving me some props at the end.

  3. They're going to keep coming, and it looks like you guys have basically written the script for the next one. Gracias! Only thing is I'm not sure if the logo-removal will work without the object hierarchy, because it's locked in some way (I found that out through another attempted method of removing it, which failed).

  4. Hmmm...

    Shouldn't be locked. I actually went through and tested before I posted (downloaded Damien's image and everything).

    You can tell an object to resist being clicked or picked up (and then you do have to go another way).

    But, I didn't test on a Mac. Since the red-yellow-blue button behavior is configurable on Macs, maybe yours is wired differently?

  5. @david - yep, the image appears to be locked, at least on my box. I just downloaded the latest image from Damien and went through the same process via a slightly different route. I tried just accessing it directly via various clicking/key combos and no dice.


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