Thursday, April 5, 2007

Attention Lifehackers

Anybody got a good way to avoid this problem?

I need info in my e-mail. I go into my e-mail, Gmail defaults to showing me the inbox, so I see new stuff and respond to it, or read it, and get distracted enough that I forgot what I even logged in to do, until I log out, think, "What was I doing again?" and realize that I needed to check my mail, and log back in.

At which point, in instances of true stupidity, the whole cycle begins again.

I think maybe I should turn off Google Notifier and instead have all new e-mail go into a folder called "New But Not Necessarily Worthy Of Inbox Status." Or probably some shorter thing. The real problem, though, isn't "inbox status," it's the fact that Gmail defaults to an inbox view instead of a search view.

It's funny, actually, because they got simple UI so right on the main site, but they screwed it up so badly on Gmail. Gmail has amazing strengths, but the user interface is so absurdly overkill that the system I use to search my mail often distracts me from searching it. Can we say "lost productivity"? Jesus.


  1. If you use the Google Toolbar and search within it, and then hit the Gmail button then you will open gmail with that search result.

    My gmail routine is I star anything that hasn't yet been dealt with and remove the star when it is.

    I think what you're really looking for is the persistent searches extension:

  2. Gracias! That does look very useful. That plus a deactivated notifier and a way into "Compose Mail" that doesn't show me the inbox and I'm good.

    Actually the notifier gives you "Compose Mail" in the menu bar. I wonder if I can set it to check for new mail once every three months.


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