Tuesday, May 8, 2007

How To Sell Version Control To Graphic Designers

Have them open their favorite design comp in Photoshop.

Scribble all over it. Invert the colors. Fuck it up beyond recognition.

Press Command-Z.

Say "Subversion Is Undo For Programmers."


  1. Eh, that sells it way short.

    Version control is the "History" panel for programmers.

    Where you can have any number of people work on it.


  2. Any subsequent comments with dismissive or rude phrases like "Eh" will be deleted. I mean come on. "Eh" isn't even a word. You posted a snort. How is that supposed to be useful to anybody?

    Besides, you're wrong. That isn't how to sell it. That's how to get into an idiotic pissing match about it.

    Saying all that stuff first would cost you the sale.

    You need something simple and obvious if you want to sell the idea.

    If this post had been about how to condescend to graphic designers, by all means, I would bow to your obvious skill in that area, but you'd have to be a total idiot to think that condescension was a form of salesmanship.


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