Friday, May 18, 2007

Panoramic View of Empty RailsConf

Update: 1600 people, according to Chad Fowler's pre-keynote intro.

Breakfast, pre-conference. People are milling around, also, gathering upstairs outside the doors for DHH's keynote. (But I just filmed downstairs.)

Conference schwag includes very tasteful t-shirt and ridiculous globecube from NetBeans (wtf?). Also a teaser flyer from something ThoughtWorks has created called RubyWorks. I admit, I'm intrigued. I threw away most of my schwag but kept the Apollo preview disc, even though I think Apollo is such a gay-ass name they might as well call it Shapely Male Buttocks Web Framework. Hopefully Adobe will have me eating my words in a few hours. Let's find out. Also threw away a job ad flyer. Haven't seen something like that since the dot-com days. Wowza.

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