Monday, May 7, 2007

Retire Today And Do Everything

Authors Tim Ferriss (4-Hour Workweek) and Marcia Alboher (One Person/Multiple Careers) give an hour-long talk at Google about how to retire immediately or have multiple careers simultaneously.


  1. This is a total waste of time! I don't understand why google's name is even associated with this video. I hope you don't waste an hour of your time, seriously!

  2. Because they went to Google and they spoke about it. You really think that's a waste of time? Are you insane? How to tour the world doing whatever seems fun to you at any given moment? How to define your own career consisting of all the things you want to do? What do you consider a useful way to spend your time?

  3. I agree. Waste of time. There is a lot of name/location/activity dropping and nothing specifically insightful (in the first 5 minutes).


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