Thursday, June 21, 2007

Creepy Video

My father has a very disturbing talent. If you want to find incredibly skilled investigative journalists just before they die in alleged suicides, all you have to do is ask my dad who his current favorite investigative journalist is. The weird thing is, my dad likes these journalists because they uncover political scandals before they hit the news, as well as scandals that never make it to the news. But he's never seemed to notice that whenever he says a journalist is really onto something, that journalist is found dead very soon after, an alleged suicide with no note.

My dad's almost a conspiracy theorist, except his conspiracy theories often end up vindicated by CNN. Thanks to his weird ability, I knew about political scandals when I was in junior high that my friends didn't see on the news til they hit college. He has a real nose for this kind of thing. But I've always been glad my dad didn't use this talent of his to become an investigative journalist. It doesn't seem like a safe profession.

Anyway, my dad sent me a video. Programmers might find it interesting. But I wouldn't give it too much thought; dwelling on that kind of thing isn't healthy.


  1. That is creepy. Good find.

  2. Well, this is hacking law; putting it to uses it wasn't intended for.

    I don't like the probable reason this firm is paid for doing that. But keep in mind that you would need to perform just this hack if you wanted to hire exactly me and nobody else. (Except that you wouldn't hire, and I have no idea how contract work is regulated.)

  3. What is even creepier is that there is a 65,000-persons/year quota on H-1B Visas, which is drastically small number for a nation of this size. That's why such things happen in the first place.

    I think that it's contradicting that a country that bases its whole economy on a free market principle, makes such limitations.

    Why is it a bad for the economy if a company can employ exactly the person they're looking for, no matter what citizenship that person has?


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