Sunday, June 10, 2007

Powerset Confused

The very cool natural-language search startup Powerset, home to renowned Rails programmers Josh Susser and Kevin Clark, sent me an invite the other day to something called Powerlabs.

So I clicked the link and got a page saying thanks for your interest, tons of people are fascinated by Powerlabs, but if you give us your name, we'll send you an invite.

So I scratched my head a bit, filled in my name, and got another e-mail about ten minutes ago. They said that rather than send a long e-mail, they'd made a short screencast. I thought, ah ha, this is a good thing. I've blogged many times about how I like screencasts and about specific screencasts I like. So I click the link and get a page on YouTube explaining that the video is private and I need to accept the invitation to join the friends list of the video's creator.

But there's no such invitation in my YouTube inbox; they didn't even ask for my YouTube identity.

So, as cool as Powerset is, I have to say, they're a bit confused here.

Update: got the correct link in another e-mail. Now less confused.


  1. Hey Giles,

    Thanks for the catch. It's fixed now. Steve Newcomb COO & Founder of Powerset

  2. Ooops the mistake was mine. . . I had set the video to private instead of public. You should be able to see the video now at

    I'd love to hear your comments.

  3. Wow. Hello Powerset guys! Got the new YouTube link. Will have a look.


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