Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Radio Silence

It's been a bit quiet here. There are a couple reasons. First, limited connectivity. Although I have connectivity at work, for obvious reasons, information security prevents me from sshing into my own domain from here, and that prevents me from uploading graphics. As a result I can only do text posts and posts using images I've already uploaded.

More importantly, I've been crazy busy. I'm working on a presentation for OSCON and four recipes for the Pragmatic Programmers' Advanced Rails Recipes. Two of the recipes are easy, but the other two require some work (and one of them is genuinely hard). On top of that, I'm starting new acting classes - my new teacher has had Sean Penn as a guest teacher at her studio and comes recommended by Harvey Keitel, among others - and I'm up in Silicon Valley, having relocated here temporarily from Los Angeles.

Long story short, I got a whole ton of busy going on. Stay tuned, though, the regular broadcast schedule should resume at some point.

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