Friday, July 20, 2007


Going crazy at work getting things ready for my absence, but stoked for this conf. Just thought I'd mention it. Mega looking forward to my presentation, and to tutorials and presentations on Rails, Haskell, Perl, all kinds of stuff.

Update: Avi Bryant's doing his Web Heresies talk!!!!!!!!!

Update 2: No he isn't. I'm a monkey.


  1. Giles,

    We've never met or talked, but your blog's one of my favorites. I'm looking forward to your talk, and hope to run into you in the speakers' room.

    - Clinton R. Nixon

  2. Hi Clinton! Glad you dig the blog. Hope to meet you too!

  3. Have I mentioned that I hate you recently?

    Portland. OSCON. Together... dang.

  4. Despite avi not friending me back on facebook quite a few months back I still dig his framework this guy is like a renegade wizard and SeaSide to RoR is like a nerd Mick Jagger to a cell phone buckled to the belt IT guy.

  5. Actually Piers I'd rather be in Venice. Portland is nice but Venice is the place.

    Nima, Avi wouldn't put me in his top 8 on Myspace either. And he was talking about you behind your back.


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