Thursday, August 2, 2007

Have I Become A Micropundit?

I get a lot of mileage out of my blog. Free food, free beer, speaking at conferences, invitations to contribute to books - the freebies rock. You might not be able to make much money blogging, but you can definitely get a lot of mileage out of it.

But in the wake of Jeff Atwood's recent post about punditry on the Web, I have to wonder - have I become a micropundit?

I think I have.

The shame! Oh how the mighty have fallen! Once so proud, so filled with hope and dreams and vigor - and now, today, a micropundit. My grandfather would be so ashamed to hear it, or at least, he might be ashamed to hear it, if he had any fucking idea what it meant. But yes. A micropundit. That is me.

I have opinions, cleverly phrased, concerning an incredibly narrow range of topics. I have a tiny crowd of fans, foes, friends, and people who remember me because they heard me talking. You could simplify it and call me a blogger, but that doesn't quite cut it. A blogger doesn't necessarily have readers, and if he or she does, their blog might still have useful content. We don't mess around with that stuff round here! Not in these parts. This here's micropundit country. No content, only opinions. We got an opinion about Rails, an opinion about Seaside, and over there in the corner, a rusty kind of thing that was once an opinion about Python. We had an opinion about Lisp in the back of the store, but that opinion done ran away and joined the circus. Yee haw!

Always be sure to get enough sleep before posting in your blog.


  1. hey at least your a highly read micro pundit.

  2. I think you are ... but then I checked Bloglines and you barely have more readers than I do. And my blog is lame and unfocused.

  3. heh. I don't know, I get good traffic from time to time.


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