Saturday, August 11, 2007

JRuby and Rubinius Under Gemstone

Neat news from InfoQ. I got to visit Gemstone when I was in Portland for OSCON. Long story short, if you want object databases for your Rails apps, it'll be easy very soon. This is vitally necessary for complex problem spaces such as international shipping and warehousing.

It may also represent a much better model for Web application persistence in general. I've blogged about this, Evan Weaver spoke about it at RailsConf 07, and DHH once commented also that he doesn't like databases and essentially uses them as hashes. It's entirely possible that the OODB model could be much better.


  1. Re: The OODB model could be much better

    I hope so. Personally I've felt for a while that mapping code that actually does something for the user to relational data is a hard slog. ORM helps in this regard for some scenarios IMO, but I've heard that it's "the Vietnam of IT", an extremely long, tough battle to win (or perhaps this saying was meant to convey an unwinnable war. I dunno). So hopefully mapping objects to objects will work well.

    I have to admit I've never used an OODB. There are some available that can be used with Squeak. Presumably they'd work with Ruby, too, like GOODS, maybe. Maybe I'll get around to trying one of them out one of these days.

  2. Two things:

    Object databases are definitely coming in most of my apps I am finding myself doing the same thing basically creating directed graphs out of big hashes.

    I think as applications increase in complexity and as hardware presses on further and further the OODB will gain more and more acceptance. But for now much like the previous post if you walked into a board room or C-Suite and don't say your app runs on Oracle or even MySQL (somewhat acceptable) you get gasps of horror.


    Gemstone as a company is really doing some great stuff take this with the GLASS initiative they have going to help legitimize SeaSide and they are on a tear.


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