Saturday, August 18, 2007

My bash Profile

Here it is (with some client-relevant stuff deleted).

Far and away the handiest customizations are the short question-mark aliases for history | grep and ps ax | grep.

Update: here's a Pastie where I use both the ? aliases. I try to start Mongrel, but it won't start. I can't remember if I left it running, so I do a ps? mongrel and find out no, it's not running. Then I do a ? mongrel to see what I've done with Mongrel recently.

Obviously this is easy stuff, but compacting it down makes it really quick and fun to use. Also, since it becomes a habit to just hit ? when you want the system to tell you something - which is very intuitive - you have that option even in situations when you're tired from overwork and wouldn't naturally remember something that clever. It kind of turns the clever part invisible.


  1. Did you really have to say "(with some client-relevant stuff deleted)"? I mean, do your readers really care?

  2. Well, um - One of my readers obviously has an opinion about it, that reader being you. I don't know, it just seemed precise.

  3. You might want to try bash completion. It does ssh hosts completion too, and a lot more! Just "sudo port install bash-completion" if you are using MacPorts on Mac OS X.

  4. "ps aux | grep"

    You should find out about the magic that is pgrep.

    Also, as I learned in my forays into the emacs, ctrl-r will start a reverse-incremental search on your bash history (or at least, as much as is in your up-arrow memory).

  5. I'm a fan of pgrep because it can be found on any system, but it's just not as good as 'ps | grep'.

    For example, say I'm running a ferret drb server that I started using script/runner. If I pgrep for 'ferret', I get nothing. I'll have to pgrep for 'ruby' to get anything, but I'll get all my ruby processes. In contrast, 'ps aux | grep ferret' ('psg ferret' in my bash profile) returns the process I'm looking for.

    You'd think pgrep would be cooler, but it ain't.


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