Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How To Be Trapped Forever

Street Use is a fantastic blog, almost as great as Street Tech - and undoubtedly inspired by the same William Gibson quote - but this remark just boggles my mind with how fucking wrong it is:

The poor have time but no money; and the rich have money but no time.

If you want something, but you can't get it, you're not rich. If you want something, you can't get it, and you call yourself rich, you're wrong. Being a well-paid serf is not the same thing as being rich. (Also, I can easily find you legions of poor people with no time.)

By this logic, I, personally, am both poor and rich. When I want time, I get time; when I want money, I get money. The above quote is a prime example of how your beliefs control your reality. Believing in a false dichotomy traps you in a false dichotomy.

False dichotomies are easy to spot. They always give you absurd "paradoxes" - for example, rich people who can't get what they want, and people who turn from rich to poor and back depending on their mood. I've been a fan of Kevin Kelly for a decade, maybe more, but this reasoning really freaks me out. It's just so completely wrong.

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    should be required reading , I still am guilty of striking the same deals that you describe , I seem unable to learn from my own instinct.

    ah well , back to coding.


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