Tuesday, October 23, 2007

No RubyConf For Me

Pretty terrible news for me, but I had to cancel my RubyConf registration. (The good news is some lucky waiting list person is now going.) The reason is simple. It's a Kathy Sierra situation. The flame war about my debuggers post got so violent that I'm scared to leave my house. I've even received death threats.

Just kidding. Actually, my whole "consult and then do art; lather, rinse, repeat" lifestyle requires more financial common sense than I actually possess, and I ended up hosed. Spent too much money; can't go.

Just in case anyone was wondering.


  1. Oh man, that was tasteless. (And funny, in a demented way.)

    And I actually believed you for a minute.

    Can't you get your employer to reimburse you? Mine did for Ruby-East.

  2. My employer is 100% behind me on this. The problem is, my employer is me. This is the massive downside of being self-employed. Every so often you realize your boss is an idiot.

    I sometimes think it'd be neat to get a corporate job, just so people would pay for this stuff instead of me, but the thing is, I travel a lot. Even an employer who sent me on all my Ruby and Rails trips might not be cool with letting me go to Burning Man and WMC as well.

  3. Sorry to hear that you aren't going. You will be missed in the Werewolf games.


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