Thursday, October 18, 2007

Werewolf: The Iocaine Powder Defense

If you ever want to cause serious confusion in a Werewolf game - good for werewolves, bad for villagers - use the iocaine powder defense.

Everything you could possibly say in Werewolf could be a bluff. Any possible evidence for any possible conclusion - body language, tone of voice, every vote and accusation - could also be a bluff. Therefore any conclusion you come to in Werewolf could be a conclusion you were led to.

If you consider this out loud, and people follow your line of reasoning, you end up so far down a rabbit hole of infinite recursion that it functions like a black hole of reasoning, from which no logic can escape. The only sane thing to do is to abandon the line of reasoning.

You can scuttle any arbitrary line of reasoning this way, as long as people are willing to listen.

(Realize, however, that if a werewolf is putting forward a deliberately illogical line of reasoning, and you point out its flaws, you could be accused of using the iocaine powder defense, even when you're not.)


  1. I am seriously in love with the fact that any given strategy for werewolf seems to work when implemented by either side.


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