Monday, November 12, 2007

Debugger Flame War, Finally Demystified

I craftily tricked somebody this morning. We were supposed to go through a strenuous workout; instead we walked to a cafe, bought a latte, and walked back. That's a strenuous workout by programmer standards, but my outraged buddy, in his desperate thirst for revenge, resorted to the unthinkable: he brought up that stupid debugger flame war. As a result, I've been thinking about that crap all day.

I think I figured out why it happened:

It is patently ridiculous that my blog be the top search result for these particular terms - unless you assume that many programmers are more interested in wasting time before lunch than they are in working. This is not such an unreasonable assumption, given the law of averages - certainly it's one of the only explanations possible for my blog in the first place - so what I really saw here last month was basically a media backlash.

(This may have been obvious to observers, but it took me by surprise.)