Monday, November 26, 2007

A Threat Decoded (Hollywood Tangent)

(This one has no high-tech content at all - sorry.)

Here's the first in a series of videos featuring speechless actors supporting the writers' strike:

The secret decoder ring, for people outside entertainment, is that the actors' union has an upcoming contract negotiation, similar to the one which caused the writers' strike, and the actors' union has had a presence at many picket lines during the writers' strike, and a very strong presence at the more high-profile events (which is kind of how it works with actors).

What this really means is that if the writers' strike doesn't end before the negotiation date for the contract with the actors' union, the actors' union will go on strike too.

It's kind of interesting, because this video appears to be a fuzzy warm "we like you guys" thing, but it's actually a multi-billion-dollar threat.

Already, the networks are hearing from angry ad-spot customers who want their money back. Companies who buy ad time from networks tend to pay in millions. Returning millions of dollars to a customer is something companies like to avoid.