Tuesday, December 18, 2007

If Your Cruise Control Blew Up When You Migrated To Leopard Too

...it's due to a bug in Leopard's svn, which blows up on non-interactive calls.

You can get around it by installing the MacPorts svn, except MacPorts Subversion blows up due to an undocumented dependency on nawk. You could in theory get around that by installing MacPorts nawk, and in fact some people have, but currently I'm getting checksum failed errors for nawk, and Giles is not one to play fast and loose with teh chexksumz.

My solution is ghetto but effective: comment out line 74 of Cruise Control's app/models/subversion.rb, which stipulates the non-interactive flag. The app runs fine without it, and boom - Cruise Control is back.