Friday, December 14, 2007

Utility Belt: Be Careful What You Wish For (Bug Reports & Patches)

Seems like a lot of people must be installing Utility Belt, which is obviously what I hoped would happen, because I'm getting feature requests and bug reports every day. The feature requests are exciting, the bug reports kinda nervous-making. (Probably because in the old days everything I coded was live on a public server, any time I've got anything with a bug I have this feeling of imminent disaster until the bug's resolved.)

Anyway, during the day it was released Utility Belt went from version 1.0.1 to 1.0.4 (I set my preview release as 1.0.0, carelessly, so my initial release had to be 1.0.1), and at least one new version is on the way. If it's giving you any bugs or weirdness, definitely let me know. I've set up a mailing list:

Join up if you're interested - it's the best place for bug reports, feature requests, and patches. Please accompany all patches with matching specs in RSpec, or a really logical reason why not.