Saturday, December 15, 2007

Utility Belt: Released Version 1.0.5

Notable because it includes Hash#+ and Hash#-.

The major use case for this is untangling params in nonstandard Rails apps. For instance,

params[:object] - params[:object][:whoops]

This is useful for both legacy Rails apps done wrong and innovative Rails apps wandering outside Rails' box.

A cherry-picking system is en route which will allow you to use Utility Belt to incorporate code like this into actual projects. (Until then, copy individual files in lib.)

gem update utility_belt

One user encountered a bug in Rails that put Utility Belt in Rails' load path. Somehow Rails is loading .irbrc. I probably need to patch Rails to fix this. If you have any idea how I can do that, pleeeeeeeeease hook me up, either via the Utility Belt mailing list, Rails core, or