Sunday, February 17, 2008

Against Filibusters

Raganwald interrupted his own blog post on a fascinating, excellent book with one of those little poll widgets:

It looks like he did it as a rhetorical device, but honestly, I got distracted by the poll, and now I don't have time to finish reading the post.

Here's an excerpt from a comment I left on the poll site:

I think Yegge is way off in his megapost filibusters considered useful theory...

Filibusters work in blogs if your sole goal is volume, because many people read blogs not to actually learn anything but to while away the hours at work. Those who prefer to actually learn stuff probably prefer shorter posts. That at least is my theory.

Most people who read blogs do it for both reasons - sometimes to learn something, and sometimes to veg out. I think blogging in Yegge's filibuster style probably favors the veg-out use case by a wide margin. Certainly, it requires readers with at least some time on their hands. Everybody needs to veg out now and then, but biasing your blog in favor of readers with a lot of time on their hands sounds like a mistake.

After all, if you've got a lot of time on your hands, there's always the archives.