Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Call Immediately

Here's why this matters: think of political outrage as electrical potential. Every time we get the Democratic Party to stand up to the Bush administration and shut down their criminal antics, we reduce the ambient electrical potential. However, every time the Dems are tolerating criminal behavior without growing a backbone, the ambient political outrage potential increases, both against the Bush administration and against the Dems. This is not additive; it's exponential.

If the ambient political outrage potential builds to a sufficient degree, the first thing to ground that potential will carry a massive charge. That's how riots happen. When the riots in 1992 happened, during the reign of the first King George, I wasn't surprised; the ambient political outrage potential was already very high.

That potential is very high today as well. I feel absolutely certain that if we don't do something to stand up to the Bush scumbags, the ambient potential will intensify sufficiently to cause riots. Innocent people get hurt in riots.

Call. You'll get a voicemail: just say you're calling to demand no immunity for telecoms who spied on Bush. It's clear. It's simple. It takes fifteen seconds.

Do it right now.