Saturday, May 31, 2008

"The Laws Of Physics Of What We Do"

According to Kent Beck, in his RailsConf 2008 keynote:

teh liveblogginz:

TDD, Design Patterns, XP
basically the source, with DHH, of the "Great Surplus"

"Anything I've done that's had substance has taken 20 years."

Even Britney Spears has some good musicianship in there somewhere

read chris alexander timeless way of building in bookstore
memorizing page numbers and making frequent visits, because broke student at time

"I didn't get Cs in Computer Science until grad school"

"Yourdon Constantine Structured Design is the laws of physics of what we do"

value of XP: nobody claims to be XP unless they mean it
XP > Agile in that sense

Geoff Moore's chasm discovered years earlier
2 guys @ Iowa State studying adoption of agricultural technology among farmers
"Technology Adoption Cycle"

tell enthusiasts: "here's the newest cool thing"
tell early adopters: "here's the impact"
tell early majority: ""
tell late majority: ""

early adopters talk to enthusiasts
"there is no communication between early adopters and the early majority"

at this point you have to go to new conferences, buy new clothes
industry consortia, standards, risk mgmt, stability, etc.

"The point of every business memo is in the second-to-last paragraph."

Zed Shaw, last two paragraphs in the memo:
"Rails really needs to have a transparent services market."

"Profanity is always an expression of fear"
(fuck that)

"who's agile and who's not? what's the snail say on a turtle's back? wheeeeeee!"

"great book called words that work written by sleazy republican political consultant"