Sunday, July 13, 2008

Personal Journals Stay Personal; Discovered MP3

Milan Kundera wrote a book where a woman who'd escaped the Iron Curtain snuck back into the Soviet Empire to re-acquire some love letters she had left behind. She gets help from an American lover who refuses to believe the truth; finally, to secure his help, she tells him she was lying all along and makes up a spy story for him instead. But he gets in trouble with the law, spills the "beans" to the KGB, and she gets imprisoned and tortured.

I'm going to Canada soon, and BoingBoing's made me very paranoid about the post-Bush US "government" stealing my laptop. I recently travelled to and from Scotland and England with no problems, but to be safe, just now I made sure that there were no love letters or embarassing personal journals stored on my laptop. It took at least an hour, because I'm not that organized.

And during that process, I uncovered an amazing 12-minute mp3 about proof that the CIA is smuggling cocaine in 2008. There's something very Kundera-ish here. I had downloaded this and forgotten about it; in seeking to keep my personal stuff personal, I came across this controversial political thing which I wouldn't have wanted the border authorities to find, freedom being unprotected in the US today.