Thursday, July 31, 2008

Upcoming/Ongoing Travel

I'm perched next to a wall outlet charging my phone and using paid WiFi in Dulles international airport (Washington, DC). Tomorrow I'm speaking at RubyNation; next weekend I'm rocking out at Ruby Hoedown; weekend after that is eRubycon; and the minute I get back it's all about Burning Man.

All of this is about Archaeopteryx, except at eRubycon, where I'm doing a version of my code generation talk enhanced with a very practical enterprise use case. (Gasp! He said enterprise! It's true, Giles Fucking Bowkett isn't afraid of bad words.)

As if all this travel wasn't enough, I also just got back from driving all the way from Los Angeles to San Francisco and back, presenting at the Bay Area Computer Music Technology User Group, which was awesome, because there's a lot of excellent work in this field coming from guys who know more than me - open source Linux-based 64-/256-unit speaker controllers, Dutch computer music arts institutes, gorgeous Make-style interactive gadgetry - and some of them are going to be with me at Burning Man. Not just up at the event with me and 40,000 other people, in a coincidental way, but literally right up there with the same group I'm camping with, contributing magical musical widgets to the same project.

By the way, the Ruby Hoedown's organized by one of my new co-workers, Jeremy McAnally, and it's going to be awesome. Still a few tickets left, but not necessarily for long, hint hint hint.