Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Archaeopteryx: Videos From The Ruby Hoedown

I'm not a negative person, so I prefer to think of the Ruby Hoedown as a Ruby Pimpup, but whether you see the hoe as half down or the pimp as half up, I had a great time, thanks to the excellent hospitality of both Jeremy McAnally and Rick Bradley of Og Consulting.

Shay Arnett and Coby Randquist of Confreaks - and the LA Ruby user group, which meets tomorrow night - also made my day: Shay did a lightning talk demonstrating how to set up Archaeopteryx without spending $500 or more on prosumer music software, and Coby (along with Confreaks cohort Carl Youngblood) both recorded it and made it linkable in and of itself, not just as part of a big lump of lightning talks.

Shay uses Archaeopteryx with GarageBand, which is fucking awesome, because it means anybody with a Mac can generate music with Archaeopteryx. Evan Light also recorded an awesome screencast showing the same approach, very nearly at the same time.

Here's my presentation on Archaeopteryx; here's Shay's followup; here's Evan's screencast. Thanks to Shay, Coby, and Evan, it's really easy for any Mac dev who's curious about Archaeopteryx to start playing with it.

Another great part was the flip-flop with built-in bottleopener.

Photo © 2008 Obie Fernandez