Monday, August 11, 2008

French Singer Disses French Rapper

Cuizinier is a French rapper who the French singer Yelle doesn't like. This song was originally called "Short Dick Cuizi."

The video:

The translation:

Cuizinier, with your little sex surrounded by red curls
I can’t believe you can think that you are wanted
I can’t understand it even in the dark,
even if you keep your PJs tight
Even if you guard your bathrobe, tight as a tailored T-shirt
Keep your nightgown, it’ll limit the bastard acts

I want to see you
In a porno film
In action with your cock
Shape potatoes or fries
To find out
About your anatomy
About your cousin Teki
And your fetish gear

Cuizi, what is
Your favourite position?
Your Olympic performances
But you do nothing orgasmic
You are naked
Under your apron
Ready to draw your sword
But tough luck

You dream of a neon Hummer
Designed by Akroe
But you have no license
You always take the metro

Superstar for a night, your life’ll return to normal
No need for sunglasses to hide yourself
You wait for your green card
This is not lip service
I’ve managed to make you
One with my scanner
Entrance is free tonight
It’s the only way to come
Then we girls wandered
Yeah, we’re going to chippendales
We had not planned to spend a night with the jokers
We wanted to see their pecs, guys hung like bulls

Your posters of Lil’ Jon cover those of Magic Johnson
You’re too crunk to slam dunk

Cuiziner, it’s you who I want to see
Who I want to see tonight
Be ridiculed by a girl who raps better than you
I only have 10 fingers
not enough to count all of them in the room
All these hairdressers like me who know you’re only worth a hair