Thursday, September 4, 2008

OS X: You Can Almost Kill The Dock Again

Some people like the OS X Dock. I am not one of them. Since I bought this computer and it belongs to me, I'd like to throw away the garbage that somebody else loaded onto it by mistake.

It used to be easy to kill the Dock, but Apple made it harder with 10.5, disabling the hidden options that, under Tiger, had made it possible to remove their annoying error.

I love my Mac, but this is a fairly typical Apple shortcoming, a weird control-freak mentality that blocks you from truly owning your own machine.

Currently, this is the closest thing to a Dock-killer I know:

#make dock really really small
defaults write tilesize -int 1

To use it, you also need to set the Dock to auto-hide and turn magnification off.

The results:

Still not perfect, but much better.