Thursday, September 25, 2008

Web Comic Art: Three Panel Soul

I love the art in this web comic. Way above the bar in its light and shading, its use of color, its accuracy, and its stylistic versatility - including at least two strips that use more than one style.

I sized these down and compressed them at relatively low-quality. Check out the links to see them in their natural habitat.

There's no about page, but I'm pretty sure the guys behind it, Matt and Ian, work in the videogame industry, as there's a lot of gamer content, and a joke about A*.

Update: Tommy Morgan, Chris Thompson, and Liam Doherty all tell me that MacHall was the first iteration of Three Panel Soul.

Tommy didn't believe they were video game guys, so I e-mailed Ian, the artist, and asked. I also asked him how he got so wicked with his art skills.

Thanks for the kind words. Always nice to receive a few about my work.

Yeah, I'm in the game industry. I'm art lead on a project for Three Rings Design. A small company but a lively one on the scene. Matt isn't in the industry however, but it is his job to write about it.

My drawing styles have always changed over the year. I think what I do is I find something I like, then take the key parts of it that draw me in and add them to my mental collection. The coloring style I use developed from doing countless sprites for games. I needed a way to flat shade and to do it fast, so the line work was dropped. The color comics are of course far more detailed than any sprite I did, so they take far longer, but I really enjoy the results.