Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Archaeopteryx: RubyFringe Presentation Video At InfoQ

You can watch a video on InfoQ of my RubyFringe presentation on Archaeopteryx. RubyFringe was an amazing conference and this presentation really went off well.

Giles Bowkett gave his excellent Archaeopteryx—um—presentation. I hesitated over that word, because I could just as easily say performance...400+ in-your-face slides punctuated with loud, driving drum and bass...quite an accomplishment.

Obie Fernandez:
Massively successful talk.

Geoffrey Grosenbach:
Such an entertaining speaker that people once skipped the first 20 minutes of lunch to hear the remainder of his presentation at RubyFringe.

Pete Forde:
Giles makes me wish I was brave enough to take LSD.

Pete, one of the organizers of RubyFringe, also wrote a blog post announcing the video:

The most important video of 2008...There are occasionally fleeting moments in your life when you realize that you are on hand to witness something historically significant. The magic cannot be adequately summarized, much less repeated...all programmers need to see this, right now.

Grant McInnes wrote a similar post:

This is hands down the best talk I have ever seen at a conference.

I don’t know if the feeling comes across on the video, but I have never seen the kind of reaction to a talk that Giles got to this talk at RubyFringe. The room was totally electric and he had a minute long standing ovation at the end of the talk. The hair was standing up on the back of my neck.

People left the room for lunch afterwards with stunned looks on their faces. Even Giles seemed to be amazed by the response he got, judging by the look on his face.

I was in fact amazed. You get in a room like that, with speakers like that, and you get that kind of response, it's an amazing thing. I usually get good responses from my presentations, but that response was the best ever.

Chris Anderson:
Inspirational lambda-calculus for music generation.

Rowan Hick:
Giles Bowkett's talk was just an assault on the senses.

Zetetic LLC:
I can’t describe to you how rapid, funny, inspiring and informative his talk is.

Marc-André Cournoyer:
Giles Bowkett got a standing ovation.