Saturday, October 18, 2008

Building Robot Cockblockers For Jesus

I get the weirdest e-mail. This company in Idaho contacted me about building a social networking app for users of their product. Their users are mostly fundamentalist Christian couples, with husbands who travel a lot - truckers, businessmen, soldiers, missionaries, etc. The product is a chastity belt with an RFID reader. The husband gets an RFID chip surgically implanted at the tip of his penis, and the wife wears the chastity belt. They said it's an incredible improvement on the chastity belts of the Middle Ages, which were bulky and had no solution to enable the wife to urinate. I didn't want to hear about their improved, lightweight, no-profile technology and their urination solution, but they tried really hard to tell me. They seemed really proud of it.

They're not worried about the recession at all. They're expecting huge growth the minute they get licensed to export their product to Dubai.