Friday, October 19, 2007

Selenium: Self-Documenting Bug Reports

Heard a cool story. A group had a nontechnical business user doing QA. Every time the user discovered a bug, they reported it to a programmer. The programmer asked the user for more detail, and used technical terminology the user didn't understand. The user could never answer the programmer's questions, and the programmer could never reproduce the user's bugs. Nothing got done.

Somebody installed Selenium, and taught the user how to record Selenium macros and save them to files. From there on in, the user attached a Selenium macro file to every bug report. Reproducing bugs became trivial, and communication issues disappeared.

This isn't even what Selenium is for, but apparently they all lived happily ever after.

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  1. one of my first guerilla tactics in corps is to add some sort of "auto bug report" collector that grabs all the relevant info that users can never be bothered to get right... especially if the users are also tech people in their own right.

    Any bug database should have enough info to reproduce things 100% years later. But that's almost never the case.

    Saw something nice recently in a beta web app where they have a comment box... making it trivial to collect usage ideas from their users.

    Guy even emailed me back within 5 hrs.


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