Thursday, November 27, 2008

Web Drama Ping-Pong

Given my failed attempt to convince the Ruby community to rise up and lunch Chad Fowler like the werewolf he is - excuse me, lynch Chad Fowler etc. - this is obviously a pot calling a kettle black, or more accurately a pot calling a pair of kettles black, but check out the fighting.

Remember Matz is nice so we are nice? Let's call the whole thing off. Maybe Matz being nice works because Matz is Japanese and manners matter in Japan. Here in America we're going to have to find our own alternative method. Something that fits our own cultural traditions.

I propose the Ruby Thunderdome.

Two men enter, one man leaves. He who breaks the law goes back to the house of pain. The first rule of Fight Club is - wait. Never mind.

The first rule of Fight Club is actually a classic paradox. I think it was first put forward by Xeno: "this sentence is false." If the first rule of Fight Club is that you can't talk about Fight Club, how can you ever tell anybody what the rules are?

Anyway, I've got an explanation for the swearing and the name-calling. As I like to mention, I've just written a screenplay on zombies. Stephen King wrote a kind of epic overview of all horror literature since the dawn of time called Danse Macabre, and in it he argued that zombies represent a fear of cannibalism. I'm not going to get into a review of theories about what zombies are - the tangent is too interesting - but if there's one thing that people in an online community have in common with cannibals, it's that we all know people are an acquired taste.

Wocka wocka wocka.

And in the spirit of that comment, I don't actually have a point, but I'm not even sure any of it really matters anyway, so here's Fozzie Bear. Take it away, Fozzie.

If Americans were cannibals, Thanksgiving would be a really awkward holiday.