Monday, December 22, 2008

Obama Still Rocks: Rick Warren Rant

I wish I had time to clean this up and go into detail, but I'm just copy-pasting. On Facebook I came across the usual "how could Obama let this douchebag speak at his inauguration? what is he THINKING?" and for some reason I just snapped:

he's thinking about all the crazy fuckers who went and bought guns the day he got elected. somebody needs to calm those nutballs down. remember that bullshit Bush said - "I'm a uniter, not a divider?" think about it, people don't buy guns like that in a big rush unless they're scared. you've got global warming, economic collapse, America losing wars, California on fire, Louisiana under water, New York having its skyscrapers destroyed - it already looks like the Apocalypse even WITHOUT a black president. when you're winning, you can afford to be generous. stop being a bunch of paranoid assholes. you're so used to being sore losers that you don't know how to win gracefully, and I'm fucking tired of it. WE WON. bringing a douchebag like that to speak at the inauguration is a sign of AUTHORITY. it's like bringing a rabid dog to heel. and all the crazy fuckers out in the boonies will calm down and get with the program like they're supposed to.

This? You're scared of Fluffy?

Honestly, Democrats, liberals, ever heard of a word called compassion? It doesn't just apply to gay people mistreated by the demented. It also applies to the demented themselves. These people are in a panic.

And if that's not enough, consider this: top retired Pentagon officials are telling Obama to put a gay man in charge of the Navy. Just the fact that a story like that appears in the mainstream media at all is serious change. How do you think these panicking conservatives would react to that kind of news? Have you ever read their writing? They devote all their imagination to fear; in their world anything familiar is good and anything unfamiliar leads to some seriously wild flights of paranoia. If Obama even gives the gay Navy guy half a moment's consideration, these maniacs are going to be saying that he's going to make gay sex a requirement of life in the Armed Forces.

You have to remember, some of these people are so backward they think letting go of slavery was a bad idea. If it were up to them Obama wouldn't even be legally entitled to get a job at a fucking Burger King. These people live in an imaginary America constructed out of fantasies about a past that never even existed. They don't have money, they don't have education, every chance they ever had of a middle-class existence is disappearing - they're completely fucked and they have no clue why. That's why they cling to nostalgia. The Republican Party's entire system revolves around fanning their ignorant fears - the GOP's terrified, poverty-stricken, poorly-educated base makes anyone who recites its own paranoid delusions back to it into a star. That's why you get so many gay sex scandals from Republican pastors and politicians who back laws against gay rights. The power play is so blatant and corrupt that it attracts self-destructive hypocrites more than any other personality type.

All Obama's doing is saying, fine, you want to fan their fears and give them absolutely no policy changes that are good for them? I can beat you at your own game. I can let them have their fears, and give them policy changes that are good for them. And the reality is, if these people stop panicking, they won't care so much about other people's sex lives. Authoritarianism is a response to fear. Help them solve their fears and they'll quit with the lunacy of their own accord.

Show some compassion. Fucking get over it. The conservative wackos are pissing their pants with fear. Let them at least calm down enough to put on a clean pair of underpants. Wackos need their dignity just like anybody else (and they're obviously not going to get it from me). Obama's letting them know he knows they're out there and he knows their concerns are valid concerns. He has a responsibility to them too, and unlike every other Democrat in this country, he knows how to win gracefully.

Update: it might just all be hype anyway.