Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Spanish I've Learned From Eavesdropping

My next-door neighbor runs the de facto neighborhood daycare center. It's not a business; they're not using Montessori or any other fancy methodology. It's an elderly couple who people nearby trust and like.

They speak Spanish. Since I'm often up to 2am, the children often wake me, the next morning, with their playful screeching. From listening to the children yell, shriek, and cavort, and listening to the elderly lady keep them under control, I've learned some words and phrases in Spanish.

por favor: shut up
mi amor: shut up
un momento: shut up
no mas: shut up
tranquilo: shut up
otra vez: shut up
tengo miedo: shut up
¿no tiene frio?: shut up
¿whaaaaaaaaaaaat?: shut up
escucha me: shut up
no escuche me: shut up

abuela: Daycare lady
mira: look at me