Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Argument Against Legalizing Prostitution: President Timberlake

I worry about people who read my blog, because every once in a while I read my private journals from a year or two prior and they always turn out to be the ramblings of a madman. Every time. However, I just found something interesting. I used to be a Libertarian and I still think prostitution and drugs should be legal, but what I found is a counter-argument.

The counter-argument goes like this: politics is controlled by money in the United States, due to a serious problem with corruption. If prostitution were legal, the balance of wealth in this country would shift from elderly white men to 18-year-old girls with loose morals. We would soon see President Timberlake.

This was my great political insight of 2007.

Today I see serious flaws. Ladies love Obama and ladies loved Kennedy. It's possible 18-year-old girls with loose morals would pick better presidents anyway.