Sunday, January 4, 2009

Classic Song Travels Through Time, Perpetually Reborn

I've blogged before about how sampling is an essential part of modern music. Here's a case study.

This is the Wideboys remix of a pop single by Rihanna called "Shut Up And Drive."

Unfortunately, Rihanna's music is marketed by Universal Music Group, who don't understand marketing on the Internet, so I can't show you the original; I can only link to it.

The remix samples the original. The original samples a song by a "death pop" group called Orgy. The song is called "Blue Monday."

"Blue Monday", of course, is a cover version of New Order's 80s hit.

Like many people who heard it, Kylie Minogue just couldn't get "Blue Monday" out of her head. Starting as a bootleg mashup by Soulwax, this version became the version Minogue performed at the 2002 Brit Awards.