Saturday, January 31, 2009

Music: Myagi Remix Competition (Help Me Out!)

I made this remix (~8MB mp3) for this remix compeition. I think I really nailed it.

Unfortunately, only people who submit a remix to the competition can vote. Also unfortunately, there's about thirty entries, and voting began December 5th and ends today. The winner of the contest will come from the top five. The site doesn't see enough traffic for a last-minute contest upset to be very likely. I won't win the contest.

However, there's no rule that says you can't e-mail the final judge and tell him you think a particular remix is awesome. Please do exactly that! The final judge is Myagi, the very accomplished Canadian producer/DJ who made the original track. He also runs his own label and has played at the Fabric club in London - maybe the Carnegie Hall of dance music.

It's fans that make shit happen. Seriously. If you tell Myagi my track is awesome, he's more likely to give it a listen. The more people who e-mail him, the better the chance that he hears my track. If he likes it enough, he'll release it on vinyl.

All you have to do say you dig the sound and link the mp3. Of course, only say that if it's true. Also, don't spam him or try to sell him sofas over the Internet or something. That would suck.

Update: e-mailing Myagi, you'll get a SpamArrest response; that SpamArrest response might itself end up in your spam folder. Keep an eye out for it.