Thursday, February 19, 2009

Comments Are Back

I'm re-enabling comments on my blog. I won't take any measure to filter out spam, unless there's a zero-effort way to do it on Blogger. I may not read any comment; I may not reply to any comment. But I'm bringing comments back anyway.

Here's why. Chromatic, a pillar of the Perl community who I had a great deal of respect for until the other day, posted this and said these things about his post. I used to think blocking comments would block me from reading stupid responses to my posts. I figured people who only write comments say less interesting things than people who put the time and effort in to write a whole blog post. I was wrong about that.

What I also found is that talking sense into angry people is a lot less fun than pissing them off on purpose for entertainment. This means that inaccurate, foolish, aggressive, or stupid comments, all of which used to bother me, are now fun. Correcting bad comments or arguing with them stressed me out. Baiting people deliberately entertains me, and let's face it, it's more respect than these conversations deserve.

In this incident I responded to a flawed argument in one of Obie's RMM posts, where Obie complained that the Rails community has a problem with low standards of quality. I disputed this and said Ruby has one of the best reputations out there for TDD obsession. Chromatic attacked this, saying that Ruby lacks a test suite for its language builds, but Perl doesn't lack it, and blah blah blah. He seemed very angry, with some kind of Perl vs. Ruby axe to grind, but he's raising an irrelevant tangent that doesn't concern me. Language wars are for idiots. The only correct answer to "which language?" is "all of them, but mostly the one I like best." Telling people what language they should use is like telling them what pants they should wear.

More to the point: it had nothing at all to do with my post. Something had been bubbling up inside him and he saw a chance to get it off his chest. Fine, go for it, but it doesn't affect the RMM argument and I've already decided my position on language wars. For me getting involved in the discussion at all was a pointless waste of time. People are going to hijack your content for all kinds of reasons, some of them awesome and some of them bullshit. You want to accomodate that whether you agree with it or not, and whether you even care what they're talking about or not. So comments are back now.


  1. Instead of getting into a hot debate over a language, people should build something amazing with your own preferred language to show what it can do.

    Good to see comments are enabled back on the blog!

  2. Is there enough room in your head for you and your ego? ;)

  3. Dumb question: have you looked at disqus? Also, the link to Chromatic's post/rant/whatever doesn't work.

  4. I've been pretty happy with my switch from TypePad's native commenting system to IntenseDebate.

    BTW, I'd totally accept that $50 bet you offered in my blog comments, except I know you wouldn't have the money to pay up! ;)

  5. @Matthew Lang: He is building something amazing, but it's a language, so maybe that doesn't count?

  6. My pants are so much more sleek and sexy than yours.


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