Sunday, March 22, 2009

Claude Von Stroke: Propellerhead Reason


  1. I'm not afraid of reason I just can't stand the piano roll editor or the arrangement page...

    I've still not found a sequencer on OS X to call home, although energy xt2 is looking like the one of the moment.

  2. Giles, if you don't already, buy a pair of turntables. Software is great, but the wax will change you're life.

    Random, yes, but as a hacker who loves to spin selling my turntables was the worst decision ever.

  3. Heh. I have four turntables in storage, two Technics and two Vestaxes, the crazy ones that can do +/- 60. used to be in some party-throwing crews in the Bay Area and played at a couple clubs, not many though. but yeah, don't worry, I've got turntables. :-)


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