Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Drowtales: Successful Long Tail Entertainment Business

I founded Drowtales in April 2001 as a web comic meant to improve my art and to permit me to meet other artists. From that point on, Drowtales began to grow more and more. In October 2002, the first paid service was offered to the readers, Daydream. Daydream was successful, pushing Drowtales forward and permitting me to work on it full-time. More Internet artists joined the various projects that followed, allowing more things to be accomplished. In November 2005 Studio Drowtales, Inc., was created, and the first full-time artist was hired. At that point Drowtales became a self-sufficient business, which was rare for web comics at the time. In April 2007, after 6 years of drawing thousands of pages and artworks, my drawing hand finally died on me. This forced me to delegate more work to others, and this is how the team that worked on this book came to be. A group of Internet artists that came one by one to join our ranks strengthen the art quality and the speed in which those high quality pages could be produced.

We had many artists and contributor in the past but unfortunately on the internet, as time pass, people come and go. Many faces now half forgotten has contributed to the site. You may see a lot of arts style, old closed section and webcomics that were never completed as you browse the web site. Along with the names of those who created these. Though, with the creation of the company, the Studio Drowtales, we shall build a group of select few that will work full time with us, to dedicate themselves fully. These shall not disappear, these shall be recognized for their work as essential parts of the Studio. To join the studio, you have to work online on Drowtales for a while and you may be given the chance to join.

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