Thursday, March 5, 2009

I Don't Care About Your Hoops

The cardinal rule in usability is Don't Make Me Think.

This is called FAIL:

I still need to do foo. My profile will not be complete until bar. Hey user: you're not good enough. You need to prove yourself to me. I'm a Web app, and I'm not satisfied with you.

This is called TRUTH:

This is called WIN:

(Previously: registration considered harmful.)


  1. Speaking of Apple products, I just found what may possibly be the worst user experience ever, IN AN APPLE PRODUCT.

    I wanted to get into some home recording, but not hardcore geek music hacking, so I bought Logic Express. I figured if Apple made it, it would be easy to use.


    1. To change the input or output on a channel strip, you have to HOLD DOWN the button until the popup appears. Who the HELL came up with that bright idea??? This took me like 2 frigging hours to figure out.

    2. Where the hell did the tuner go??? I know I've used it and seen it. Then it disappeared. Random searching through the 10K preference panels didn't yield anything. Searching manual for 'tuner' turns up nothing, and searching for 'tuning' turns up a lot of garbage. Battery was dead on my portable tuner, so I just gave up and just recorded out of tune...

    -- Chad Woolley -

  2. Gods yes. And now that I work at, I've learned the dirty secret of writing apps with no registration hoops: they're bloody simple to test. Both in automated tests and manual clicking around. Sometime I make 10 or more drops a day as I build and try out stuff. The our customer service people constantly make drops to reproduce customer issues. If we can do that without breaking a sweat, it should be easy for a user to make *one* whenever they need it.


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