Sunday, March 22, 2009

You've Summoned The Fail Whale!


  1. He .. funny in a way. But kind of feeble when you think about it. They KNOW that this only has an audience BECAUSE so many people use Twitter. What kind of loser watches "funny videos about Twitter". Or makes them.

    And we all know that "having no friends" is the standard sneer against people who blog, who use Facebook, who use the internet at all, or watch TV, or read books ... or whatever.

    Would be nice to see someone come up with a new joke for once.

  2. It's not the joke Phil, it's the execution.

  3. is this where I post a Marshall McLuhan (sp?)
    "The medium is the message"
    //trying to act like snob
    ///failing miserably
    ////doesn't use twitter, barely looks at facebook


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