Friday, April 10, 2009

Glenn Beck Was Always Crazy

Check out this crazy muppetfucker. It seems like he's gone extra-crazy since Obama got in. Jon Stewart did a great rant recently on how the Republicans are going crazy and Fox News is going crazy, calling Obama a tyrant because they really have no idea what the difference is between tyranny and democracy.

The connecting thread in all this is that the money for Fox News and the Republican party doesn't come from people. It comes from corporations. Glenn Beck was always this out of step with the minds of the American people. It's just that Republican demagoguery used to be more effective. It was never about what people wanted to buy; it was always about what Rupert Murdoch wanted to sell.

What Fox News is mostly about isn't actually feeding people bullshit; it's creating the impression that other people believe it. They're not just telling us that various lies are true; they're also about a sneakier message: look, everybody else believes this shit might be true. It's a tactic that works. If people think that other people believe something, they're more likely to believe it themselves. We're also less likely to call bullshit on their more outrageous claims if there's peer pressure telling us their bullshit is somehow legitimate political debate.

Everybody knows this is happening. But the important fact many people are missing: these assholes know what they're doing. They're not all batshit loons. You'd have to be crazy to follow Dick Cheney, but that doesn't mean Dick Cheney doesn't know where he's going.


  1. I was discussing this with a co-worker a while back. The trick Fox News uses the most is that they always refer to unknown people when spouting their own opinion. You constantly hear "some people say" and "some people think" without knowing who these people are or even any evidence that these people even exist.

    And it's effective.

    You can discredit an expert but you can't discredit what you can't attack.

  2. They're full of all kinds of sleazy tricks. They were talking to Michelle Bachmann and they said we're sure you'll get a lot of criticism because you're so bold. Their way of writing off the fact that a large number of people (myself included) think she's completely crazy. If you can shift Michelle Bachmann into the mainstream, you can get away with all kinds of crazy bullshit and it'll still seem reasonable in comparison. It's a paid propaganda system, nothing more. No relation to what people think at all - just to what people with money want people to think.

  3. "The connecting thread in all this is that the money for Fox News and the Republican party doesn't come from people. It comes from corporations."

    First off, corporations are made up of people, it's a cheap rhetorical trick to pretend that the decisions aren't made by actual people. Second, a lot of those corporations propping up the party are "non-profit" churches looking to trick people into giving them their money, not the sort of corporations that provide non-imaginary goods and services. Third, the money for Fox comes from advertisers looking to sell things to Republicans- notoriously easy marks for certain kinds of pitches. Fourth, you can't pretend the Democrats are somehow innocent in the money game, Chris Dodd and Barney Frank come to mind as prime offenders in the current banking mess.

    That said, Glenn Beck is completely weird. What the heck is he so angry about? And more tellingly, why wasn't he angry about it before? I feel the most aggrieved about what the Republicans are up to- they are now tarnishing support of responsible spending with the sheen of their crazy spending legacy. They are all of a sudden pretending to care about cutting spending. Since this is hypocritical from their behavior since 2001, people aren't listening to them. However, cutting spending is a really good idea right now. We've been trying deficit based stimulus for 8 years and all we got was this popped bubble and gum all over our faces. Now that we're even further beyond out of money...we just can't do it any more. We need someone outside of the party structure to come in and do a slash job on the whole mess.


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