Saturday, April 11, 2009

iPhone-Controlled RX-8: Epic Want

On-board Arduino, always-on-Internet, all that jazz.

An RFID reader is mounted in the back right window of the car, and when it detects an authorised RFID tag it unlocks the car and starts the engine automatically. I have an RFID tag surgically implanted in my left arm so I can unlock and start the car simply by putting my arm near the window.

Also check out the O'Reilly book Car PC Hacks by Damien Stolarz - an LA local who built and sold an interesting company around in-car mp3 PCs - and an epic issue of Make a few years ago, issue 3, which contained several stories around the theme of car hacking. Both have incredible ideas and loads of implementation details from successful projects like this RX-8.

I've always been a fan of heavily modified vehicles.

I want my next car to be a heavily customized, AI-enhanced Lamorghini.

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  1. That's cool.

    I did some hacking on a car using an arduino, OSC and some ruby code over on



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