Saturday, April 18, 2009

My New Vegan Nutrition Guru


  1. I'm a dyed in the wool meat eater. I don't like most vegetables unless they are cooked in very flavorful ways (like Indian vegetable curries). Vegetarianism scares the crap out of me. Veganism is pretty much unfathomable to me. Most vegetarians I know get fat from the diet.

    I lost over 200 lbs more than 6 years ago, with calorie restriction and exercise. In the last two years I've really been struggling. In the past 6 months I've actually started to gain some of it back (10 lbs is enough for me to worry).

    I'm still in excellent shape but I'm afraid if I change my diet I'll lose muscle and not fat. I'm afraid that I'll lose the energy to workout (Atkin's diet, anyone?). I have to exercise or I become a danger to those around me.

    How has eating a vegan diet changed your body and energy level? Do you exercise?

  2. I'm not sure how much weight I lost. I think in Feb I got weighed and I was around 245. I'm around 210 now. Recently I was losing weight at a very steady rate of half a pound per day, but then I had some fruit juice and guacamole (fruit juice isn't allowed and guac is allowed but not recommended) and then I gained a pound or two. still overall my weight loss is pretty remarkable, I think around 35 pounds in 2 months.

    I stopped exercising, though, because I caught some heinous flu from hell. I'm starting back up again either today or tomorrow, I think. So no way to compare there, although I did, after starting this diet, run up a flight of steps for the first time in years. Probably the first time in a decade or more.

  3. Giles!

    I did Raw Veganism for 46 days, and lost 40 pounds. It's stayed off even though I've gone back to a cooked vegetarian diet since. If you really want crazy dramatic results, I'd say you should check out the raw stuff.. I don't know how raw Fuhrman's stuff is, but I seem to remember that he talks about raw vegetables. I should probably research his books more before I start telling you to do something different though..

    Good luck with weightloss/diet/vegan stuff! I know I need all the support I can get.

  4. @grant "How has eating a vegan diet changed your body and energy level? Do you exercise?"

    I noticed an improvement in my exercise both switching to vegetarianism, then veganism (health was the primary motivator). This may not necessarily have been caused by the diet, but I felt healthier and was more inclined to exercise - so net result was positive.

    Energy levels are higher. I did find that cutting coffee and alcohol (at different times) had a much more dramatic affect on this.

    Depending on what sort of fitness you're into there are plenty of vegan resources
    - google 'vegan strength' for body building type stuff
    - brendan brazier's 'thrive diet' book is really interesting, but more accessible (i.e. you can get them on the internet) is his 45 minute vimeo short, which covers the same material (sans recipes). This is mostly raw, too.
    - also plenty of info on vegan running (vegan Scott Jurek is one of the world's best ultramarathonners...)

  5. oh my background is - vege 2 years, then vegan 1 year. Currently training for a 90m half marathon, and doing a lot of body weight strength training for parkour.

  6. @codemac - it's mostly raw, but I cook beans and I usually throw a ton of veggies in there with the beans. they're usually either stewed or steamed at that point. in terms of actual volume it's probably half and half.

    @xavier - cheers for the info! I found the same thing re: coffee.


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