Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pets vs. People

My family's always had a lot of pets, and I like having pets, but there's a class of people who irritates me, and that's people who say pets make better friends than actual friends. Their logic is very flawed. If you took an average person, paid for all their food, shelter, and toys, and allowed them to sleep all day and watch cartoons, with the only catch being that they're not allowed to shit on your rug, they'd show you amazing loyalty too. It's not really reasonable to compare pets to human friends, and people who use words like "friend" or "buddy" when they talk about their pets are being intellectually dishonest with that implicit comparison, unless they have highly unusual personal lives. The danger in the intellectual dishonesty comes from the fact that it could lead you to the erroneous conclusion that the best way to calm your friends down would be to cut their balls off. Many of my friends over the course of my life have at various times expressed their opinion that I should calm down at one moment or another. None of them would have made me calmer by attempting to cut my balls off. I guarantee you, that would have made me the opposite of calm. It's very important to observe fundamental rules of logic to avoid serious mistakes like this.

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