Saturday, April 4, 2009

Possibly After Locos X Rails 2010

My experience in this ceremony was very strong. As the wave of effects started, I had a moment of feeling something like a small child crying as control was taken by the plant, like some part of me didn't want to let go. Some time after that, I felt that I had become some kind of a curving, writhing elephant-creature. I was kind of seeing the trunks, these creatures all around. I felt like these creatures were taking me over in some way, like they were coming into me and acting through me, making me move in twisting curving moving shapes as I sat in my place. They were also making strange little whooping noises at times (i.e. I was also doing that physically in the room, since I was expressing one of them). I was kind of aware of the room, but I was aware of it more as one of them not so much as myself. The feeling from them was that they were happy to be living like this through me. They were mostly celebrating it with their movements, and they were also making movements as if enhancing their beauty, like dancing or preening themselves. I suppose it is strange to imagine humanoid female elephant creatures being beautiful, but to themselves they were certainly beautiful.

The cost of the workshop includes all meals, transportation from and to the airport on the first and last day of the workshop, planned activities, shared accommodation, Ayahuasca ceremonies, personal attention and excursions.

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